After a crazy major abdominal surgery and reconstruction, followed by 7 months of cancer treatment, my body had taken a beating, and when I asked my fancy Beverly Hills surgeon what she recommended for recovery fitness, she said classical style Pilates.
It’s easy to find Pilates studios in Southern California, but finding someone close to home who works one-on-one in the classical style is a little trickier. Fortunately, I have Yelp and Google working in tandem and agreeing that Pilates of Old Town is a five-star studio that offers exactly what the doctor ordered!
I reached out to studio owner Marie via email and heard back from her almost immediately. She is a busy lady (that’s what happens when you’re top notch!), but I was so lucky to snag a recent opening in her weekly schedule and so began my journey…
When I started my weekly lessons three months ago, I could barely walk and was still struggling with daily living activities like dressing and housework. My muscles had atrophied and my joints were inflamed from chemo, radiation and lack of physical activity. However, each week, my range of motion and strength increased exponentially with very little else in terms of focused fitness activities. Just three months later, I’m strong and able to walk several miles without any pain or discomfort.
The craziest part of it is that I kind of hate most exercise activities, but when I am working out, Pilates doesn’t really feel like exercise, despite the fantastic returns on my strength and flexibility building. It’s like exercise for people who hate exercise (it might even be magic- haha)!!
Marie is so knowledgeable and experienced in Pilates and is a delightful coach. She’s incredibly encouraging and caters each client’s sessions especially to their physical needs and abilities. She not only focuses on the physical portion of the exercise, but on the brain-body connection. She is a truly a gem and outstanding in her field!
The pre-paid options are the best deal and bring your per-session price down. Pilates of Old Town also offers semi-private and group sessions if you prefer to work out with friends (and split the price a bit).
If you are looking for a Pilates studio, or if you’re just looking for a type of physical activity to strengthen, tone, stretch and build endurance, I cannot recommend Marie and Pilates of Old Town enough! You will not be disappointed!!