When I found Pilates of Old Town nearly 3 years ago and called them, promptly getting a return call from the owner, Marie, I hit the jackpot! I was new to Pilates, but after 2 private sessions with Marie, I was hooked. The studio’s location is convenient, and the environment is tidy, bright and uplifting. Most important, however, is Marie’s Pilates knowledge, her professionalism/dedication to her business and her students, her consistent focus on form, her watchful eye to avoid injury, and commitment to her students’ progress. She makes it “fun” to spend an hour twice per week improving my flexibility, strengthening my core and improving my overall fitness!

Helen C.

I have been going to old town Pilates for 6.5years, twice a week private with Marie. Marie is a wonderful, passionate and very experienced Pilates instructor. Every part of my body has gotten stronger and toned since I started going there. I have been working on classical Pilates on Gratz reformer for the past few years and I absolutely love this classical technique of Pilates exercise. Still challenging but I feel great sense of accomplishment at the end of every classes. Pilates has become very important part of my life throughout the years and I thank Marie and old town Pilates for that.

Akie K.

I have taken semi private lessons from Marie for 2 1/2 years. I love how Pilates has made my body stronger. I have better balance and posture as a result of these lessons. I was in an accident and Marie worked with me to restore my strength. I travel quite a bit. Marie goes the extra mile to accommodate my schedule. The studio is clean ,well maintained, and everyone is very friendly . I would highly recommend this studio to my friends and anyone who wants a stronger body.

Ann H.

“This is my favorite Pilates studio because the instructors are skilled and well trained to handle baby boomers. I don’t want to go to a studio with 10 reformers like an assembly line where I could hurt myself. I want calm experienced professionals to take care of me who know good body mechanics and can work around my body weaknesses and strengthen them. I have strengthened my core and as a result keep my bad back pain in check.”

Jackie H.

“I have been taking Pilates from Marie twice a week for the past 5 years. It has been an incredible experience. Not only does Marie truly understand the art and discipline, but she has an amazing grasp of the human body’s anatomy and physiology. She is able to translate this to each of us individually according to our needs. I have gained both core strength and muscle strength. Marie herself attends weekly classical Pilates instruction and brings so many new techniques bac to her students. I can’t say enough about her skills. Her studio has very easy access/parking and the studio has such a calming ambiance. I just love it!”

Sonya K.

“I love Pilates of Old Town! I began working with the owner, Marie, three years ago after a very extensive back surgery. She worked with me at my own pace and modified movements for me without ever sacrificing results. In the past I was always worried about injuring myself due to chronic back pain. Marie was the first person to really take the time to understand my physical concerns. Once we started working together I was able to quickly achieve my goals. She is so passionate about what she teaches and cares deeply for every client. Lastly, I love the cozy feel of the studio. I am so grateful for the amazing community of people I have met there over these past few years. If you’re looking for results in a professional and friendly environment, than this is the place for you!”

Linda B.

My daughter is a dancer. We were referred to Marie by a physical therapist more than 10 years ago. Marie, being a former dancer herself, helped my daughter to be stronger and more limber. Subsequently, I started coming again after foot surgery about six months ago. With Marie’s attentiveness, I have regained my strength and more. I cannot recommend another instructor more than Marie!

Susan H.

“Highly individualized training by experienced instructors. Warm, inviting, supportive environment. Appropriate for all levels. If you want to REALLY learn Pilates this is the studio for you!!”

Marty M.

“I lost a lot of weight (happily) over 2 years ago and in addition to my walking, was looking for something to increase my strength and improve my stamina. I’m 69 years old and have had bilateral knee replacements. After friends raved about how great they felt working out at Pilates of Old Town, I went in for a consultation and started working with Jancy Hampton. It’s been 9 months and I can’t believe how great I feel. It’s a very nice studio and Jancy is just great! She definitely knows her stuff and is extremely encouraging and very patient. She always reminds me it’s “baby steps” to get from one level to the next. Jancy at Pilates if Old Town has helped me to gain strength, improve my health, and boost my confidence more than I could ever have imagined!”

Jan. H

“I can’t speak highly enough about this Pilates studio. I have attended 3 hours of classes each week for about 4 years and have a strong body. Marie Schneider is the best, never allowing us to get bored by providing a variety of exercises and assistance if we need help. All of the instructors and students are great and I feel part of a community of likeminded people. If you are looking for a warm, friendly, welcoming place to strengthen your mind and body, you must try Pilates of Old Town. I love it!”

Karen S.

“I’ve known Marie for about 30 years already… No one cares for their clients and their health needs more than she does – her studio has such a good vibe. You will love it!”

Andy L.

“I have been coming to this Pilates studio for about 2 years and I love the way I feel after a work out. I take classes twice a week, a mixture of both Mat and Reformer which allows me to strengthen my core and get a great stretch through all my muscles. Marie, the owner is very knowledgeable about classical Pilates moves and ways to modify the moves if you have existing injuries but still want the benefit of the work. Marie keeps the classes interesting by switching around the workouts every week so you will not get bored.

The instructors are all friendly and knowledgeable and willing to answer your questions or help you with your technique. The people that come to the classes are very friendly and I am happy to say that I have made a few good friends over the years which always make exercising a better experience.”

Karen C.

“I get an amazing workout here every time I come! I go twice a week; I’ve been going for 4 years. Karen is my primary instructor, but I’ve done sessions with Marie too. They know how to push me while still helping me to develop good technique. My tummy is tighter and I feel more confident.”

Krista D.

“I have been training with Jancy Hampton at Old town Pilates for almost a year.  First time doing Pilates and Jancy has taken a beginner and moved her to advanced in less than a year.  She teaches from the heart and has such a way of communicating the exercise on the reformer that makes it simple and understandable.  She makes sure every time that the technique is spot on.  I couldn’t come up off the table and do a sit up.  My core is the strongest it’s ever been!! Thanks to Jancy I’ve been injury free and able to keep up a 2/3 day a week regime.  She took into account a neck injury and worked with it without adding insult to injury.  Marie the owner is fantastic.  Knowledgable, authentic and I have her to thank for putting me with Jancy!  Great place, great people and great instructors!!  Affordable too!”

Stephanie L.

“Have been coming to this Pilates studio since 2013. Marie, the owner is very sweet and welcoming. The studio is easy to get to and in a small business center in old town Tustin.  Parking is always easy to find!I  I have been working out with personal trainer, Jancy Hampton and she is amazing and knows her stuff.  My body is so much stronger now then in my 20’s. I am using muscles I never knew I had! I always look forward to working out with Jancy and recommend Pilates so much! Definitely 5 + !”

Marlene K.

“I absolutely love this studio. Started in August with a mat class, soon added weekly private and semi-private sessions with instructor Jancy. I am stronger than ever and 2 inches taller every time I leave. I highly recommend this studio to anyone looking to build strength and flexibility.”

Shiela E.

“I am a 46 year old woman with 2 children who never was an “exercise girl”. I have taken Pilates with Marie Schneider at Pilates of Old Town for the last year, and could not be happier with the results! I have noticed an improvement with my entire body and feel great after each class. I feel good about putting shorts and dresses on during the summer because my legs are now toned and my stomach has never, and I mean never, looked this good!”

Maria A.

“I hate to work out but after meeting Marie and her adorable Pilates studio…I love it! Marie is an incredible instructor and the equipment at her studio is class A! I have done doubles (where you share your hour with someone else) and privates. For newbies like me, i recommend doing a few privates so you learn the techniques. Since Marie is so great, you will be doing doubles in no time! Thanks to Marie, I made my wedding weight goal in 4 weeks and I feel better than I ever have!”

Jessie P.

“6 months later I’m in the best shape I have been in years…
At Pilates of Old Town I met the owner Marie. Marie was warm and welcoming and introduced me to my trainer Jancy. I signed up just after my 50th and was out of shape and nervous. 6 months later I’m in the best shape I have been in years. I feel strong and confident. I look forward to my training sessions and when I leave I feel taller and in control. I never thought I could develop strong abdominal muscles and now I have them. I started with no tone, just flab and each visit further shapes and defines. Doing gardening and physical activities were increasingly difficult because of low back pain and now that is gone. This studio has been the best gift I could give myself. I love this place and the people who work there. The staff is intuitive to each client’s needs and can make adjustments when ever needed. I see young, middle and older men and women coming for their sessions. I tried this out of the blue and now this is my Tuesday, Thursday gift to help me take care of myself as I pass thru this journey.”

Kelly M.

“I love Pilates of Old Town!  I had never tried Pilates before and the staff was extremely helpful, friendly, and accommodating.  If you have thought about Pilates and never tried it – this is a great place to start!”

Sandra B.

“I have known the owner of Pilates of Old Town for several years now.  Rest assured, you are in good hands when visiting this place.  You’ll feel great when you are done!”


“This place is wonderful…great trainers and a friendly atmosphere. I’ve been going for two years now and love it!”

Kristy C.

“This is the BEST Pilates studio I’ve ever been to. After i moved in this neighborhood I was searching for the right Pilates studio for a while so when I first took the private lesson with Marie i knew right away that i finally found the perfect place for me.  so now it has been almost 8 months since i started taking lessons and i obviously feel more strength and toned in my body. Marie is truly an amazing instructor who knows exactly what i need to work on in every lessons and one hour class passes by so quickly. I highly recommend this place to everyone!”

Akie K.

“This is a great place.  I was very intimidated by Pilates, but I wanted to try it because I had back issues.  My instructor, Karen, helped me during this difficult time and made me feel at ease even though I never had done Pilates before.  They are very friendly and helpful.  I highly recommend it!”

Laris R.

“I was looking for an exercise activity that could increase my strength and help me tone certain areas while still taking into consideration an old knee injury that would often flare up when going to the gym. I knew about Pilates, but was not sure if it was right for me. I called Pilates of Old Town and was instantly greeted with a warm and friendly response from Marie Schneider, the owner of the studio.

Before calling Pilates of Old Town, I had done research on other local Pilates studios. Many seemed very corporate especially when scheduling an appointment, listening to their philosophy or the inability to guarantee the same instructor each session. At Pilates of Old Town,Marie got me in for a trial session immediately along with a quick evaluation beforehand. The private session was amazing. Not only did she explain why we were doing each move, but she made sure my knee was alright and kept it at a pace I was comfortable with. Marie is not the only instructor; they have several available for appointments throughout the day. The studio is well maintained and the equipment is all updated. They offer privates, semi-privates and mat classes.  I would highly recommend this Pilates Studio to anyone looking for a well rounded workout, a friendly environment and a program that keeps you wanting to come back every week for more.”

Brandy M.

“I have been going to Marie at Pilates of Old Town almost since the day it opened.  Beautiful studio, caring and well educated instructors.  Marie learns how much your body can handle and pushes you to the limits, but not over the top like some places do.  You don’t only want to go back again and again for an awesome workout, but just to hang out with Marie and her cute studio mascot Mia (her Pomeranian).  In my opinion, the best Pilates studio in Orange County.”

Lani R.

“Friendly atmosphere and very professional assistance.”

Michael G.

“I have gone to several places to try out Pilates and this place by far is the best.  Marie has great machines and other great equipment.  I double up with a partner to keep my costs down, yet when I do a get a private class, that is awesome.  This girl really knows her stuff.”

Shannon H.

“I get a great work out every time.  I used to have a lot of pain and now its virtually gone through the Pilates workouts.  Would recommend to everyone.  Maria is a great instructor.  I was tired of the big gyms and found Pilates of Old Town.  Its a small studio and I get personal workout which I find more valuable.”

Teri A.

“This is a gem of a Pilates studio.  You will get a great work out here under the guidance of a very well trained professional. Because I have done a lot of Pilates,   I  know a good teacher when I find one. Marie’s workouts are challenging but so much fun.  Time really  flies with each lesson.  I love the ambiance of the small studio–  Clients are individuals, not cogs in a big  enterprise. I have only had instruction from Marie but other instructors are also available. You feel wrapped up in a caring and friendly environment at Pilates of Old Town.  Marie listens so carefully to her clients and formulates a plan that fits their needs.  She is also well trained to deal with the limitations of injuries or chronic conditions like arthritis. No matter what your level of fitness,  or your knowledge of Pilates, you cannot go wrong at Pilates of Old Town. You want to feel better, physically and mentally for the New Year (or anytime)?  Marie’s classes are an outstanding place to start.”


“I have known Marie for longer than I can remember and you couldn’t be in better hands for a Pilates, barre or mat session. The studio itself is very inviting and in wonderful downtown Tustin. Parking is surprisingly easy!”

Andy L.

“Fabulous Awesome Incredible Warm Caring Inviting. There are just not enough ‘amazing wonderful’ adjectives in the English Language to write here. You just gotta go. Pilates by video is nothing in comparison to one on one (or two friends can go together) with one instructor. Best workout of my life.”

Kim P.

“I would rate this business 10 stars if I could. This is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in working out.

I’ve done marathons, 1/2 marathons, running clubs, boot camps, I even have my aerobics instructor license. I have done aerobics since the 80’s ..when I was 15, my mom and I worked out in our leg-warmer’s and tights . . step class, you name it. I even have the Pilates workout DVDs . . . (and all other workout DVDs) …

After all of this impact over the years, I would rank Pilates private sessions (this uses the coolest equipment ever) #1. I saw a change in my body after my first session!

Pilates private sessions; through the instruction of Marie and staff, has already helped me take my strength and core and overall health to the next level. The owner Marie Schneider is the GURU of Pilates.

Old Town Tustin is so special and unique, after the non sweat (couldn’t believe that) ‘workout’ you wanna just go explore the area – I experienced so much energy. Marie has created the most inviting atmosphere so relaxing . . like a day-spa . . felt like a massage for my spine and tummy and butt.

This didn’t even feel like an hour workout but more like minutes with a friend. Can’t wait to workout again – I definitely signed up for the series!”

Kim K

“The great benefits of taking Pilates
with Marie Schneider has carried over into other areas of my life. An example of this is when I mentioned to Marie that her focus on my core, abdominal muscles and shoulders during our workouts are also stressed by my horseback riding instructor too. But, I had difficulty in engaging my core effectively while in the saddle.

In listening to my frustration, Marie gave me a fantastic tip! She suggested I use the same Pilates breathing method she taught me – when I ride! Ah, I had a light bulb moment! Then, I understood to fully activate my core while riding is more than just thinking of “tight abdominals”.

Upon my next riding lesson, I decided to concentrate on Pilates breathing and core activation and not to worry so much about the reins, sitting tall, shoulders, legs, the horse and all the other components of riding. I have been working with my present instructor for 7 months and at the end of the lesson, she commented that it was the best ride to date!

In focusing on a completely engaged Pilates core, it was surprising how all the other riding elements I struggle to keep organized fell into place naturally. Thank you, Marie for making me a better rider!”

Carolyn Shimata

At age 54 I had a spinal fusion. While it eliminated my pain, by age 59 I was beginning to see my flexibility and strength diminish. My spine surgeon suggested Pilates. I was very nervous as the only exercise that I had done since my surgery had been walking. But fortunately, I found Marie!

Marie patiently worked with me at my own pace and at the same time used her knowledge and experience to gently nudge me forward. Her clean, well equipped studio has added to a very pleasant experience.

Now, eleven months later I can see a significant increase in my strength and flexibility. I am not as tentative in my every day life regarding normal activities. Marie and I laugh over the actual appearance of some muscle definition on my 60 year old body! I am actually having fun exercising!!!



“I am extremely pleased with the results I have experienced from my classes at Pilates of Old Town.I had been diagnosed with a prolapsed uterus (Stage 3) and was told that the only way to permanently relieve the pain and pressure was to have a hysterectomy. As a temporary measure, I was fitted with a pessary – a device that held everything “in place”.

Since I really didn’t want to deal with surgery, I decided to try Pilates (even though my gynecologist said that it would not improve my prolapse). I began classes at Pilates of Old Town in September, and by December I already noticed an improvement. Now, one year later, I am at the point that I no longer wear the pessary and am free from the discomforts that I had previously experienced with the prolapse. Needless to say, surgery is definitely out of the picture!

Thank you so much to Marie and Pilates of Old Town for helping me to accomplish this goal.”

Jennifer Bonello

“I am a 53-year-old fitness trainer who is not afraid to admit her age. Fitness is a way of life for me. It keeps me healthy, reduces stress and maintains a balance between my mind and body. My workouts are comprised of strength training, boxing, aerobics, core work and Pilates. I have been taking Pilates with Marie for over 3 years, and consider Pilates an important component in my continued success.

Pilates is what I credit as my “silent hero”. It works my body without the immediate pain, burn or excessive sweating associated with other types of exercise. With the proper breathing, body alignment and technique that Pilates requires, I have been able to achieve better posture, long, lean muscle tone and a sense of calm, which is good after a very hectic day.

My workouts can get quite physical, extensive and demanding. Lifting heavy weights would normally cause soreness and muscle stiffness. Soreness, plateaus, and injuries can sideline an individual and impede any fitness program. Pilates has kept my body flexible, and properly aligned, which is key in the prevention of injuries. Cross training with Pilates, combined with healthy living and proper nutrition, can help anyone reach their goals. Thank you Pilates of Old Town!”

Kathy Reed – Fitness Trainer

“Having had several spine surgeries and chronic pain, I was hopeful but hesitant when I started working out at Pilates of Old Town. Presently, I feel better than I have in ten years and I am convinced that working with Marie is a big part of that. Pilates really is for “every body”!”

Joanne Vallone

“The benefits of Pilates as a cross-training technique for running are numerous.  Improving posture, supporting breathing, and preventing fatigue and injury are prominent.  After several years of training with Marie, coordination of core strength and movement has become automatic.

Strengthening of core and back muscles give me stability and balance, and I can coordinate my core and legs so that I can run more efficiently.  Fatigue is another problem that has all but disappeared.  My hip flexors used to ache after long runs, but not anymore.

I have avoided serious injury on two occasions.   Once, while running, I landed on a hard object on the outside of my left foot.  Because of my strong core muscles, I didn’t lose my balance.  My calf muscle automatically compensated to maintain balance and I avoided ankle rollover and knee injury.  In the second incident, I landed with more foot halfway on and off a curb while attempting to cross a street.  With core strength, I didn’t lose balance, but merely slid down the curb landing squarely on the street, not even breaking stride.  Heady stuff, and I surely owe my success in part to Pilates of Old Town.”

Mike Gulan, Marathon Runner

“In July of 2006 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I underwent 6 months of chemotherapy, a modified radical mastectomy followed by 4 more months of chemo and 25 rounds of radiation. During the last 4 months of chemo I decided to challenge myself by taking Pilates to regain the strength I lost due to the harsh drugs, mastectomy and radiation. I began in Maries mat class not being able to do the easiest of moves! As I gained strength, I then started her reformer class twice a week. With Maries guidance I have now mastered many difficult moves and am stronger than before my diagnoses. I even participated in a two day 39 mile walk!

Because of the seriousness of my cancer, it was decided to have an elective second mastectomy followed by reconstruction. Marie helped me prepare for the surgery strengthening the muscles that were going to be cut. Both my doctor and I are impressed by my recovery and progress and I truly believe it had to do with all of my preparation in Pilates. I can’t wait to get back to class!”


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  1. I have been training with Jancy for several years. Two years ago I shattered my femur when I was in the hospital the nurse’s could not believe how strong I was I was out of the hospital in2 days. When I was able to I returned to training with Jancy. She is the best trainer there. Try working with her you will not regret it.

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