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My Story

marie schneider pilates instructor tustin ca

Marie Schneider

Certified Ketogenic Living Coach

A Pilates client of mine mentioned to me that she and her husband were doing a Keto Diet, and both of them were losing weight, feeling better, looking better AND were enjoying the food! Hmmm…you mean no rabbit food?? I was intrigued needless to say. I had a few pounds to lose so I thought Id give it a try. I began reading, collecting information and attempting to navigate my way around this diet. Not as easy as I thought. BUT I truly believed in the science and the principals and was determined to make it work. Not to mention that my own Doctor had been preaching low carb diets since the day I met her! My determination carried me through the next six months and BINGO it started working. I was not shocked when I started losing weight, but it was the other benefits that I was not expecting! Sleep was better, the little aches and pains I had been having we NO LONGER even there. PLUS I started getting “stars” at my Doctors office for excellent bloodwork!! AND the biggy was I WAS NOT HUNGRY!!! REALLY!! So very quickly, the Keto Diet was no longer a diet for me, but it became a LIFESTYLE. One that 3 and a half years later I am enjoying and even more passionate about than in the beginning!! In 2019, I decided to persue Certification and now I am a Certified Keto Lifestyle Coach and SO excited to help YOU achieve your Keto goals!

What Exactly is the Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet is a low carb, moderate protein and higher fat diet! Oh no! The F word! Fat is NOT the villan it has been made out to be…on the contrary. In actuality, eating too many carbs and sugars are what is causing most of the problems and weight gain people experience. Our goal on the Keto diet is to cause your body to become “adapted” to burning fat for fuel; fat adapted, by eating more fat and less carbs. The key here is LESS CARBS…. Let’s compare….

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is loaded with carbs and sugar and forces your body to burn glucose for fuel. After eating a carb loaded meal, you will notice not too long after, you are hungry again and need to reach for more carbs. Fat is a much more efficient fuel than glucose.

“Keto” is short for Ketones, which are by products created when the body breaks down fat for energy instead of glucose, which comes from carbs and sugars. When we are running on Ketones, we are in “ketosis”.

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Benefits of the Keto Lifestyle

Suppresses hunger

Lose weight

Delicious and satisfying food

Fat loss

Blood sugar regulation. Lower intake of carbohydrates in the diet can help to eliminate spikes in blood sugar

Clearer skin

Clearer thinking

Mood stabilization

Minimizes inflammation

Regulates metabolism

More Energy

Why Do I Need a Keto Coach:

You may be wondering well, why would I need a coach? Very legitimate question. A coach is well…. A coach! I am used to coaching people since I am a Pilates Studio owner and instructor. A good coach teaches, encourages, helps, points you in the right direction, gives you tips to help you succeed, pushes you when you are struggling….and ACCOUNTABILITY to someone that wants you to meet your goals.

Marie Schneider certificate of completion for Ketigenic Living Coach Certification

A little about the process of working with me as your coach:

We will start with a FREE 30 minute consultation, either in person at the Studio, or a Zoom meeting to discuss your goals and the WHY of wanting to do Keto.

After you choose your package option you will:

Be given your daily “macro” calculation which determines the fat, protein and carbs you will eat learn how to track your macros daily.

Learn exactly what foods are Keto and how to fit the foods that are not Keto into your plan.

Together we will develop a Keto plan that is SUSTAINABLE to your lifestyle.

We will have check-ins according to the package option you have chosen.

I will be accessible to you via email with questions on certain packages.

Are You Ready to Start the Keto Lifestyle?

Book Your FREE Keto Consultation

Keto Free Consultation Request

Package Options

Give Me a Push in the Right Direction Please

Price – $99.00

Whats Included?

A one hour long consultation where you can ask your questions.

Custom macro calculation.

Guidance on food choices

To track or not to track?

Help Me Stay on Track

Price – $175.00 per month renewable monthly

Whats Included?

2 (30-minute) video, call, or in person sessions per month

Email communication in between (allow 24 hour response) 2 PER WEEK.

Custom macro calculation.

Guidance on food choices.

Learn how to track macros.

I’m All In and Need Help

Price – $275 for 1 month
$750 for 3 month commitment (payable up front)
$1450 for 6 month commitment (payable up front)

Whats Included?

4 30 minute video, call, or in person sessions per month.

Email coaching in between (allow 24 hour response) 4 per week.

Custom macro calculation.

Guidance on food choices.

Learn how to track macros.

Evaluation of daily food logs with suggested changes.

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All packages are paid up front, and the extended packages must run concurrently.
Questions? Give Us A Call