Happy Fall!!!

Dear Friends,

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season quickly approaches and your “to do” list grows exponentially, we hope that your remember to make taking care of yourself a priority as well.

Eating nutrient dense food, exercising, drinking water and getting sufficient rest will help you sail through the next few months unscathed and ready to face the new year!

Please read on for some facts on aging and how Pilates can have a POSITIVE impact on HOW you age…….

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This month our furry friends are Pookie the Multi-poo and his brother Caspurr!! Caspurr is a Tonkinese cat who loves to tease his brother, but somehow Pookie gets the upper hand!
Now you may have actually seen Pookie at the studio as he is a frequent visitor, along with his Mother, Karen Eadon.  Pookie, AKA, Mia’s boyfriend, knows exactly where the cookie are kept and even has a preferred Reformer.  Pookie has been knows to eat anything edible that belongs to Mia as well!  It”s ok, because to know Pookie is to love Pookie!  Thanks for sharing Karen!!
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When I took my first Pilates lesson at age 50, I thought I was going to die.    It was so difficult, but my friend and I had paid for a 7 week series, so I persevered.  By lesson 6, I noticed that my normally painful neck was not hurting, and I had more range of motion.  At the conclusion of the 7 weeks, I re-enrolled, and Pilates has been part of my life ever since.  Combining focsed breathing with controlled movements, the goal of Pilates is to increase flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination without adding bulk.  Pilates also increases circulation, aids in sculpting the body and strengthening the “core” abdominal muscles.  Most people see their posture improve quickly,  I certainly did.  Pilates forces you to stay focused, keeping your mind alert and active. Though Pilates will always be challenging, it has become a way of life for me, I look better and I certainly feel better.

Sheryl Friedner Strich, D.P.M. Podiatrist/Foot Specialist


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