Your FREE Daily Dose of Pilates

Get your free Daily Dose of Pilates –  a free printable two page guide to a ten minute series of Pilates based exercises that will stretch every major muscle group in the body, will keep your spine flexible, and will keep most of the major joints of the body moving as well.  Your Daily Dose of Pilates can be used as a morning Wake-Up, a Warm-Up before your regular Pilates sessions or sport, or a Wind-Down in the evening.
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Come on in for a FREE EVALUATION!

Wondering if Pilates is right for you? Interested in our wonderful studio in old town Tustin? Come on in for a no hassle, no strings attached personal evaluation! You will get to meet one or more of our instructors, see the studio first hand, enjoy a cup of tea and experience the wonder of Pilates!

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