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Pilates, Podiary & Plantar Fasciitis

Dr. Sheryl Strich


We have been hearing about all kinds of athletes who are sidelined due to Plantar Fasciitis.  How do you know if you have it?  Your heel hurts!! The heel pain is the worst when you take the first step in the morning and then subsides after you walk around for a few minutes.  However, a dull ache usually returns later in the day after sitting or standing for a long time.  The pain can be very limiting.  The plantar fascia is a strong ligament that is attached to your heel bone and extends to the base of your toe joints, and plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia.  Causes of plantar fasciitis include strenuous sports, high arches or flat feet, walking on hard surfaces for a long time, and unsupportive shoes.  HINT: DON’T WEAR FLIP FLOPS TO DISNEYLAND  – DEFINITELY A SET UP FOR PLANTAR FASCIITIS!  Interestingly enough, plantar fasciitis is the one foot problem where high heels are not the evil doer.

When a patient comes in to my podiatry office, there are various treatments available; anti-inflammatory meds, strapping the foot in a neutral position, orthotics and shockwave therapy.  At home, patients are instructed to ice in order to take down some of the inflammation.

As a Pilates Instructor, here are two of my favorite exercises to help prevent and/or rehab for plantar fasciitis.  Since the heel bone is connected to the leg bone, the Achilles tendon must be included in the exercise regimen.


     1.  Using the Reformer:  The balls of both feet are placed on the bar as though you were
          wearing stiletto heels.  Maintain the stiletto heel position as you press the carriage
          away.  When your legs are fully extended, drop your heels.  Hold it.  Then go back to
          the stiletto heel position as you bring the carriage back in.  Repeat 8 x.


     2.  Inchworm:  With your mat against the wall, place legs in tabletop with the soles of
          your feet against the wall.  Your knees are directly over your hips.  Begin by “doming”
          your feet, allowing your heels and toes only, to touch the wall.  You will flex and extend
          your toes as they drag your domed feet up the wall and then back down the wall.
          Repeating for one minute.


Dr. Sheryl Strich
Podiatrist – Foot Specialist
Certified Pilates Instructor

Fall 2013 News & Specials


Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. PILATES MAT CLASS with Jancy

Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. BARSCULPT with Ale

Classes begin Wednesday Sept 4th and Thursday Sept 5th

Please call the Studio at 714-731-7900 or email for more information

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Meet FIONA and RICKY, our first “Pilates Pets of the Month,” lounging on the chase. Fiona is the smiley happy Corgi in the front, and Ricky, her serious older brother is looking a little skeptical in the background.  Ricky and Fiona are 4 months apart and Ricky just turned 7!
Ricky is a fawn Corgi and Fiona is a tricolor.  Ricky is the little sports star, while Fiona spends her time herding him!!!  They both love swimming, singing and eating.  Maybe we can get them to sing us a tune one day!  Thank you Patricia Susoeff for sharing your lovely pets with us!!!
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As summer draws to a close, we hope it has left you with some happy memories.  We are ready for fall, back to school, back from vacations, and READY TO HELP YOU MEET YOUR FITNESS GOALS!!!

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August 2013 News & Specials

Meet our newest teacher, Ale!!!

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ale has a strong background in fitness and dance.  She studied Ballet and Rythmic Gymnastics in Argentina, as well as Ballroom and Latin Dance.  Ale is a certified Pilates Instructor and Fitness Specialist, experienced in Pilates Mat, Pilates Apparatus and is licensed to teach BarSculpt as well.


Also, you are welcome to join us Thursday evenings at 6:30 for BARSCULPT with Ale!! Call 714-731-7900 now to reserve your spot!


It’s Time to Straighten Up!!!

Just a reminder that our new class “STRAIGHTEN UP” is starting on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7TH at 6:00. This is a 4 week package and we are requiring an advance sign up for these sessions. The cost is $50 for the classes and payment is due on the August 7th. You still have time to sign up, but remember, space IS limited. Please call the studio for reservations or email

This new class is designed to teach you to use proper body mechanics in your daily life and will help to alleviate some of those aches and pains that occur from doing things incorrectly.

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